Living your dreams is as easy as adapting to them

Being able to imagine our dreams is easy. Adapting to dreams can seem hard at times, I understand. With our current reality consequences it’s almost impossible to imagine sometimes, but if we are to imagine them to the point where we can feel happiness through them in ourselves, then we should be able to see that all the darkness that comes with the dream is the path we have to conquer to achieve it. Adapting means leaving friends, work or relationships, Either way, whatever we feel is happiness to us needs to be strong. Strong enough for us to understand what is right for us. The only way to do that is to imagine it (yes, with your imagination). When can imagine a time in the same situation where you are happy, That is the path you need to take. Anything that is for you will always be for you if somebody or thing in your life seems very important to you almost as if you cannot live without them then they also won’t be able to live without you.

“Detachment isn’t about not owning anything but nothing owning us.”

-There is nothing to attach to as there are nothing and no one we take with us but our feelings when we pass.

“You are either used to it or over it.”

That is your choice.

If happiness continually finds you in your situation, then you’re in a good place no one can say what you should do to keep yourself in the Happiness you have perceived.

When we become over it is when we are more attracted to the concept of detachment
I have found that the easiest way to detach, is to fall in love with the option. What is it about the choice that brings us happiness, that we have to work harder for in a consequence or our situation.

It brings us closer to the truth of our happiness when we express the feelings towards the dreams.

Dreams change according to what makes us happy, so when we adapt to them; everything that is in darkness will come to light, there for our dreams will change. They will also sometimes not seem what they are. If we aren’t adapting to dreams such, like travelling, how will we know if we get bored when we get there. Waiting is a curse, and it is an attachment to the feeling that happiness is beyond us. To believe that happiness is beyond this very moment is torture. Happiness is here. Where we have come today has been because of the reactions to the options we’ve presented ourselves.

Detachment can seem hurtful at times especially when we have to let go of relationships. May they have been work or personal either way the detachment can look hard. As we have to detach ourselves from our perceived happiness but if we stay acknowledgement of the joy we work for to get the happiness from them, then we see how easy or hard we have to work. If we are in a place where we are over it, then there is more work then there is happiness in our situation.

Respect is love

Respecting our decisions is falling in love with the idea.

Once we are actually in love with our idea we can then confidently act upon our actions completing knowledge to experience helps us understand our dreams and honestly decide if it brings the happiness we imagined.

follow that which makes you happy at all cost.

Money, Sex and Status are requirements to a being.

Money, Sex and Status.

To make good money is exactly what means make your own, you fend for yourself every penny and everything you do is for you from you financially, humbly with intent and ambition for your future.

To have good sex in life is to be self-confident in our truth of who we and whom we are working to be as a being. Confidence is sexy.

To hold good status is simply to have those people that matter around us, respect and love us for who we are.

When we are lacking any of those three it isn’t fair for us to look to others to replace it.

As beings, we are unable to feel at the same capacity and value as another without understanding. If one has hustled and another has been given the understanding although admired are not equal.

I do not believe anybody wants to be taken for material or physical therefore we shouldn’t take those things from others.

To need anything that we are able to provide for ourselves is immature, no owes you anything.

I believe anybody would find someone that is respected, makes a living for themselves and is self-confident very attractive. I’d call that person a diamond.

I find that when my material needs are met on own my own, my maternal needs kick in. Meaning, I want to share my happiness with others, because I want others to be happy as well. When my environment is happy, I’m happy.

To satisfy my maternal needs to create another happiness. Takes respect from others of who I am. Rather I choose to create an idea that brings others joy, such as a convenience of some sort for example; energy, light, mobility, music. we choose to create an environment of our own that brings us the respect/love we deserve in some way our way.

It is an accomplishment for me to make others happy with what I am able to provide myself with ease, that others have trouble with. I believe it is not about what I give but what I get from giving that brings me a feeling of love and or respect.

While the possibilities of creating for our maternal needs is available through a physical material to keep others joyful to keep ourselves happy. Eventually, we will have to ask ourselves who are we trying to keep happy if there are no beings to keep happy. eventually pass and with no other being created to use the creations. What really is the point?

There is an obvious difference between the beings that we are such as a man or a woman. Factually both being men but one including a Womb.

As a woman, my maternal ability to create is not only within idea to the material but also able to bring a being to give my material creations to as well as to pass on my morals on how I have created these ideas. Essentially my truth. To do so I would need a seed.

Looking at reality it is a great hint also that mankind cannot bring beings into reality, to do so they would have to have a womb.

I would imagine I would have to accept a womb to plant my seed. Just like reality if we want to grow a strong plant we need good soil, soil that will help us grow our seeds strong. Because first creation is the idea; believing the idea is the first seed. When finding a suitable soil I would find one that respects my ideas, my seed. Once I respect the soil for helping me grow my idea then would I respect the soil enough to water and care for it to hold my ideas.

Just As a seed needs good soil to grow, soil needs to be watered. When the seed is watered the ideas can grow.

As a womb holder, I need to trust that the idea will grow when I water them because I not only hold the womb of the body but I have the womb of the mind which is the weird caring sense I get from my maternal abilities to care for others in preparation for caring for my womb.

I once read “mother is father what shinning is to diamond”

It reminds me of the perfect balance of respect for another. When both can respect/love each other for who they are as diamonds then it becomes easy to share the happiness we percept every day. And when becoming mother and father the mother shines on a fathers creation/idea as a being and together can grow one environment of perceived happiness, a tribe.

That would, of course, be if one was want to have a family but if two beings decide to be together and not use their wombs or their seeds physically. The growth of the idea would still have to reside together to stay together. For that to even start we have to respect ourselves before we can ask others to respect us.